2,000+ Hits?!?

As you can see in the title, we’ve reached 2,000 HITS! I am beyond speechless. Thak you guys reading out there so much! You don’t know how much this means to us.

Yes, this will be a short post showing my gratitude towards all of you folks, because guess what (this is very late), we’ve been nominated for the Poppies! IKR? We just started this January and look at where we are now! So many other good blogs got in, too, (and though some people have seen it on Discord) I am keeping my vote secret.

May the best blog the best blog win!


P.S: I have a great post waiting for you tomorrow.

Two Carrot Islands… One Winner!

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Hey guys! As you all probably know (and if you didn’t, you were definitely hiding under a rock. And yes, this link description and link itself is long and random.)

Anyway, yes, the infamous 24 Carrot Island is now on Poptropica Worlds! So as I said earlier today, I am going to do a review of both the Islands, original and remastered. So, without further ado, let’s begin!




The Characters in this version of 24 Carrot Island are the same, but there are a few tweaks to there costumes, and other extra characters, such as the  ex-Carrot Queen, and the Bum. I like all the Characters, except the Waitress, who needs a tip (just for giving milk?!?), and the crazed man who captured the cat. All in all, these characters weren’t bad– well, as bad as I thought they would be.


It’s about the same as the original, there’s not much to say over here. Except the mad old man who captures me! *raging, seething with anger* He will pay!

Magic Sinker: Okay, calm down. Let’s move on before you attack me…


Um, It’s… a bit… sluggish. Not to get me wrong, it was definitely better than Crisis Caverns. But yeah, like all Worlds games, it was lagging. I wouldn’t give this category a very high score…


I have a few pictures here of the new 24 Carrot Island, but before that, I’d like to say that the looks were almost the same as the normal Carrot Island…


It’s was short but sweet. Just like this verdict! So, in the end, it gets a…



The characters were the same, but I kinda liked the old Carrot Island peeps better, they just seem more familiar and… original.


Yes, it was the same. But, I liked the new Carrot Island better because it was prolonged,  but not in a “stalled” kind of manner.


It works better. After the Beta Carotene testing was done, it completely upgraded the whole thing!


Um, I prefer the old Carrot Island.  It looks better, because… well… it just does. You know that feeling you get when you don’t know how to explain something but you still want the person you’re talking to to understand what you’re saying? Well, yes that is what is happening.


It gets a…








More Carrots?!

Hi guys! Magic Sinker here, bringing you… Worlds 24 Carrot Island! Yes, the second Island on Worlds is finally here!

I don’t have any pictures right now so…

It really does look somewhat like the other 24 Carrot Island… so in the near future I’ll do a Comparison and Review of the two different but same Islands!

Thank you for voting for this blog, by the way! We really appreciate you fans!

Well it’s night time here, so goodbye!

My First Poppies Outfit!

Hi guys! Magic Sinker here! Or should I say Poppies Magic Sinker! Yusss! So good to finally say that!

So, as you all know, the Poppies will be hosted on July 26th, and the winners will be announced. But, there’s also a party! Partay!

So, today I’m showing you guys the transformation from normal Magic Sinker to Poppies Magic Sinker!

First, here is normal MS…


Now time to move on to the beautification stage!


The hair, blush, necklace, and curly bangs from Aphrodite!


Then the Prom Queen dress (dunno ’bout da black sleeves)


Fairy Queen touch up, and BAM!

I am working on something extra-special, so I gotta go! Bye!

Wait, I was bored outta my socks today morning, so I made…POPSHAY


Wonderful Wednesdays… What We Have In Store For You!

Ciao Poptropicans! I’m back! Yes, I know this post was fashionably late, but oh well… BB posted a few days ago and I posted a few days ago, and even Greedy Clown posted so… should I really feel that bad? Maybe, maybe not. Choice is on you. *Slaps self* stop stalling, ShayShayGamer!

So anyway, what I wanted to post was…

A comic! Yes, you heard it here first. I am gonna do a comic about a select few Poptropicans, and it will be a series! Of course, I won’t actually publish it, because, you know, Poptropica is licensed, but yeah, sure I can post it here.

Here’s the cover!


I hope you liked it. So, as you can see, the name of the series is gonna be, Poptropica Worlds, and the subtitle is, The Comic.

The next subtitles will be:

  • A Freight in Time
  • The Many Days of the Overlord Reign
  • The Banishment
  • A Familiar Dystopia
  • The Distant Hope
  • In the End Times

So, the first book, The Comic, will introduce us to the characters and what is happening in the story, but in a more prolonged sort of manner.

Next, the second book will be about a fateful time travel incident;

The third will be ’bout an overlord (that I can’t say much about yet) that makes the civilians slave hard at work everyday,

The fourth is where the main characters are banished and become fugitives, lurking in the shadows and trying to restore life,

Fifth shifts into a more familiar environment, torn apart and broken;

The sixth has the heroes being more “heroic”, trying to gain hope and courage wherever they go,

And the last is the twisted and adrenaline-pumping finale!

Bye everyone!

101 Things to do on Poptropica When Bored

Hi guys! I’m skipping the introduction part and going straight to the post!

  1.  Jump on the telephone wires on either Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or on Virus Hunter.
  2. Loiter in the gym on Virus Hunter Island.
  3. Keep on refreshing your page on Early Poptropica to see the different character combos!
  4. Knock down all the flowerpots on Early Poptropica Island.
  5.  Visit megafightingbots.com. It’s real!
  6. Fly aound on the jetpack at Early Poptropica Island!
  7. Climb up to the top of the hill using the umbrellas on EFPR.
  8. Time yourself to see how long it will take to get to your future house on Time Tangled Island. Try to beat your record every time!
  9. Try to find the same person in two different common rooms.
  10. Dress as your favorite Villain!
  11. Make a new character that looks exactly like you IRL.
  12. Go to the inventory on Time Tangled Island and use the Glider. Glide to new heights!
  13. Make a song with the Reed Pipe on Mythology Island
  14. Restart Night Watch Island and play the first “Mall Cop” scene where you are trying to catch the fake thief.
  15. Make a Poptropica YouTube Channel!
  16. Blog!
  17. Choose a simple Island (that you’ve done before) and compete against a friend.
  18. Same as above, but with a harder Island.
  19. Ride through Wild West Island on your new horse!
  20. Meet a friend in The Arcade and play all the games, and see who wins overall.
  21. Create a comic from the photobooth.
  22. Go on a shopping spree! (Note: takes credits)
  23. Use the phone found on Nabooti Island.
  24. Make a multiverse party and invite people on Discord.
  25. Go to Realms and build a house. If you have a blog, post it there!
  26. Read the comics on Big Nate Island.
  27. Play in the Treehouse on Big Nate Islands.
  28. Play all the minigames in the Store.
  29. Visit the Avatar Studio and either (a) look up random usernames or (b) print out your Poptropican.
  30. This is always a Boredom Buster. Make friends! The more the merrier!
  31. Look through your friends’ closets.
  32. Answer all the questions on the Daily Pop!
  33. Watch all the advertisements (Worlds and Original)
  34. Always a classic: Explore Poptropica!
  35. Decorate your house on Worlds. If you don’t have money, revisit the Islands and Spin the Wheel!
  36. Go to New You, and give your Poptropican a new look.
  37. Get on the blimp and let the birds chase you around on the map.
  38. Go to the Store and glitch it so that the costumes are different.
  39. Climb to the top of Mount Everest on Time Tangled Island.
  40. Visit all the common rooms on Poptropica. To do this, change your tribe by clicking on the flag icon!
  41. Make your favorite book character into a Poptropican.
  42. Change your hair color on 24 Carrot Island, using the smoothie dispenser!
  43. Go to the PHB Blog Directory, and try to visit all the blogs in under an hour!
  44. Make a photo album of your Popotropican in various places!
  45. See how long you can last underwater on Mythology Island.
  46. Restart Mythology Island and Play the River Styx minigame.
  47. Beat your highscore in Poptropolis Games, and try to get first in everything! Do this for all the common rooms to see how you’ll look in different tribal wear.
  48. Also, on Poptropolis Games, dress as the sports announcer and take a screenshot of you and him in the Customizer.
  49. Try all the glitches possible in Poptropica!
  50. Make a fashion show video!
  51. Make a movie with your Poptropica Friends!
  52. Bounce around in the Barber’s Shop in New You!
  53. On Time-Tangled Island, play the card-matching game with the person you got the amulet from.
  54. On Time-Tangled Island, put the jigsaw pieces back together in the Timbuktu Inn.
  55. Draw your or your friend’s Poptropican.
  56. Make a FanFiction!
  57. Make a comic.
  58. Drive around on Back Lot island with the buggies.
  59. Drive around on Time-Tangled Island with the car at Edison’s Workshop.
  60. Make your Poptropican a superhero at the Masks and Capes Store!
  61. Make your sibling (If you are an only child, then friend) a Poptropican that looks exactly like them and give it to them as part of their birthday present.
  62. Make many different costumes! Who knows, maybe one day you’ll get to be a member!
  63. Dress your Poptropican as their opposite gender, try as hard as you can, because if you are a girl, you can’t dress as a boy, and vice versa.
  64. Make your IRL house on Realms.
  65. Make your IRL house on Poptropica Worlds.
  66. Win every single challenge on Reality TV.
  67. Draw on the easel on Counterfeit Island.
  68. Become a ninja on Red Dragon Island!
  69. Make your hair as long as you can!
  70. Dress yourself as a rainbow, from red to purple.
  71. Dress yourself in your favorite color!
  72. Make your own Discord Server.
  73. Set a 5-10 minute timer and try to hop from island to island in time.
  74. Restart Shrink Ray Island, and play all the minigames, which are: getting away from Mr. Silva, and going through the garbage can.
  75. Read the “Galactic Hot Dogs” series.
  76. Annoy the players in the Common Room by asking them so many questions.
  77. “Stalk” the players (not literally) in the common room to infuriate them, by following them around.
  78. Make a whole list of characters from your favorite movie, TV show, etc.
  79. Make yourself a different costume for each island, but if you’re not a member, then save your original costume, first.
  80. Make yourself a different costume for every visit to the arcade.
  81. Copy a different player’s outfit
  82. Use the Sneezing Powder, and look at the Poptropicans sneeze without noses!
  83. Get a follower from the store.
  84. Get a dog follower, and also make yourself into a cat. You’ll look real silly!
  85. Do the same, but with a cat!
  86. Make yourself into a monster!
  87. Use the minimizer, and see what you can do on Shrink Ray Island!
  88. Dress as a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day!
  89. Dress in green, and then use atom power!
  90. If you really have nothing to do, make a Poptropica game with an app maker!
  91. Make yourself a clown. Scare people on halloween.
  92. Get a Poptropica Wallpaper, which can be found on Twitter or Google, and set it as your Homescreen/Lockscreen/Desktop Wallpaper!
  93. Lag up a multiverse party!
  94. Give your Poptropican a Popsona.
  95. Draw your Poptropican’s imaginary friend, and post it on Twitter!
  96. Write a background story for your Poptropican.
  97. Be rude to NPCs by Ctrl+S-ing their speech bubbles.
  98. Restart Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and play the chase game.
  99. Play “Puch the Wall” in a common room!
  100. Just play all the island 10+ times.
  101. And of course, read The Poptastic Blog!

Thanks for reading this list! Oh, and I won’t have Wi-Fi until probably Wednesday, so you won’t see me online anywhere. Bye!

Pop Down Memory Lane: The Creators’ Blog

Que pasa and Konnichiwa, Poptropicans! (Before I start this post, VERY IMPORTANT: Should our new domain URL be http://www.thepoptasticblog.com or http://www.poptastic.com?)

Today, as seen in the title, I am gonna do a post about old posts on the Creators’ Blog, and (both positively and negatively) critique them. First up…

The Poll Has Spoken by Thirsty Whale (ironic) on September 23rd, 2008.
This post was one of the most interesting posts I found on the Creators’ Blog in the 2008 archive, meaning the rest of the posts were not interesting (to me). Anyway, all it was talking about was the new (at the time) Island, Reality TV, and some select few Poptropicans (JK, everyone who viewed that post could vote if they felt like it) voted. But wait! I’ve just found out something very interesting! Reality TV island was actually called Survival Island in the files!

Next up…

Evolution by Director D on 21st August 2009
I really like this post, mostly because it shows us how we were going to look if it weren’t for some newer ideas. The middle line looks most like the Original Poptropicans now.

The original is cringeworthy.

HADES IN DA HOWWWOOOSSS by Hades on December 31st 2009
This was the first post by Hades on the blog. Nough said.

Next is…

Board at Work by Binary Bard on August 13th 2009. It was in Binary form, so I was too lazy to translate, you can do it yourself.

Okay, the final one that I love most…

 Avatar Studio on 24th August 2009 (more about this later) by Hazmat Hermit

The Avatar Studio! I really live this because… It was on my birthday! When I was turning… four. ._. Yes, now you know when my birthday is.

Byeeeee everyone, hope you enjoyed this post!