My First Poppies Outfit!

Hi guys! Magic Sinker here! Or should I say Poppies Magic Sinker! Yusss! So good to finally say that!

So, as you all know, the Poppies will be hosted on July 26th, and the winners will be announced. But, there’s also a party! Partay!

So, today I’m showing you guys the transformation from normal Magic Sinker to Poppies Magic Sinker!

First, here is normal MS…


Now time to move on to the beautification stage!


The hair, blush, necklace, and curly bangs from Aphrodite!


Then the Prom Queen dress (dunno ’bout da black sleeves)


Fairy Queen touch up, and BAM!

I am working on something extra-special, so I gotta go! Bye!

Wait, I was bored outta my socks today morning, so I made…POPSHAY